Claim Management Insurance

One’s specialist advisers are experienced in dealing with all stages of the claim management process, including lodgement, negotiation and settlement of claims on your personal or business insurance policy.

In the event of any illness or any circumstances arising which may qualify you to make a potential claim, please contact One as soon as possible, regardless if you are uncertain if you qualify. Remember we work for you and not the insurer.

At One we provide an additional value added service by not just helping you take out an insurance policy, but also assisting you with the claim and preparing and reviewing all the necessary documentation prior to One lodging the claim on your behalf to the insurer. We also assist you with settlement of claims. You are our priority when you need to make a claim.

Is there a fee?

No. One client’s will not be subject to any extra fees or charges when they make an insurance claim. Unlike some advisors, One does not charge a percentage of the claim or an hourly rate provided that One is the serving advisor for the insurance policy.

One believes that if we have recommended the appropriate insurance package for you and your business, and you have paid for your insurance policy, we should ensure that your policy works in the way it was intended, and help facilitate a smooth settlement of your claim.

Please read ‘Client experiences’, which shows how One has helped manage client insurance claims and made a difference to our clients’ lives.

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