Comprehensive Financial Planning

The management of wealth is one of the most complex issues an investor will face.  At One, our ability to anticipate your needs in this area, regardless of your current amount of wealth, is one of the most valuable consultation services we can provide you.
One’s comprehensive approach to financial planning takes all of the following areas into consideration:
Accumulation - how to target growth of your assets through superannuation and managed investments.
Retirement Planning - how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way and maximise the chances your assets will last throughout your retirement.  This can be done through allocated pensions, annuities and investments.
Risk Management - how to protect your assets through insurance whether it is life insurance (death and total permanent disablement insurance), income protection insurance or trauma insurance.
Estate Planning - how to protect the value of your assets and ensure that they go where you wish them to after your death.
In all these areas, One will take into consideration how to achieve a tax-effective solution to your tax burden.

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